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EDIT: I'm attaching a link of a write-up I've sent a few other users. i‘m not impressed by them anymore, not scared, nothing. This test is not to replace professional diagnosis by a qualified mental health professional. Now I see it as a fucked up way my type A brain goes through things to "train" me to avoid them. what is wrong with me? I'm scared of all the shit my brain Is going to go through if I have a daughter. and given enough time not only the more normal thoughts accumulate, also the really extreme ones do with time. Super embarrassing to say out loud, but we just tease that it's our own screwed up way of saying "I love you, I would never do anything to hurt you.". After first being 'diagnosed' and taking an SSRI for a few months, i felt better and stopped taking them. I've been struggling to define the sensations in my head for years. The revolutionary thing my psychiatrist told me is that my disturbing thoughts didn’t equate to desired actions. Hope all is well for you! -i think about picking it up and putting it away to a safer place so it cant fall, -i could think about the best case scenario first: maybe if i pick it up, there‘s a coin under it and when i put the bottle away, someone sees it and they thank me for being so attentive and give me a congratulatory handshake and clap on the back. i think i might have something similar but kinda twisted: you see, i am a quite thorough person. It's so much more than keeping your damn desk organized, OCD is fucking miserable. i‘m very high. They can also make it hard to carry out everyday responsibilities at work, at school, or in the home. -and then i start thinking about the many normal things that would probably happen: if i pick it up and put it in the shelf properly, noone will notice; or that someone noticed it but didnt care; or that it totally wouldve made a difference if the next person after me doesnt just buy it and so on. This article was initially published in the Summer 2004 edition of the OCD Newsletter.. I was so embarrassed to tell my parents my thoughts because they were so dark and disturbing, but now it's just a silly channel I can change. I would be walking up the stairs with her and think, "what if I just fell on her right now? Press J to jump to the feed. It made me feel fucked up but she's alive and healthy soooo yeah. That i couldn't even walk past a knife without visualizing violence. He smiled at me like he forgave me for killing him. There are dozens of categories of different obsessions and compulsions that make up the disorder known as OCD, and while these cover a wide range of differing themes, they all share many characteristics in common. I never want to offend someone by claiming to have an issue if I don't know for sure, I asked my current therapist if I could maybe get a test for an anxiety disorder & OCD, but they just said "we think you do it enough, don't you? Intrusive thoughts are often related to violence, blasphemy, sex, or anything that is disturbing to you. What if I dropped the baby and pretended like it was an accident? Intrusive thoughts may also occur in flashes, and often cause significant anxiety when they enter your mind. Complete with a stereotypical evil laugh right? They should know better. Examples of Intrusive Thoughts. I come from a family that participated in a bio study at Yale to identify the gene that causes this. The first part looks at the author’s experiences of living with OCD. What if I lose control and DO? Thissss. On my maternal side of the family, 12 aunts/uncles, 20 cousins, and both my sisters suffer from this same thought disorder. You are not a bad person for having intrusive thoughts. Wait until you have kids. ", fuuuuck i havent laughed that hard since i was young lad. Intrusive thoughts may be disturbing in nature. Intrusive Thoughts: unwelcome, involuntary thoughts, images or unpleasant ideas, Edit: why did I think it was a good idea to post this at night. Knowing I’m not alone is comforting. Don't know what came over me but I really wanted to in that moment. When a "passing intrusive thought" wizzes by in the mind of someone with a heightened amygdala, we respond to the thought as a threat; therefore, when it passes by our head again, we feel threatened and the frequency increases because we are scanning for any incoming danger (ie, will this thought return?). The two most common diagnoses associated with intrusive thoughts are anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). For me, it is/was moreso, "Oh no what if I hit them" followed by "why would i think such a terrible thing? I don't like kids either but damn cold as fuck haha. Thanks for your post - enjoyed reading it! Ever had a thought that came out of nowhere and buried itself inside your brain? hello, I am a therapist trained in Anxiety/OCD disorders and this sounds very much like what we call "Primarily-Obsessional OCD." They seem to come from out of nowhere, arrive with a whoosh, and cause a great deal of anxiety. And when disturbing intrusive thoughts are taking over, I find distraction is really helpful. The reason it is referred to as a form of OCD is because first we will have the bad thought (Obsession) and then we try and make up for it by morally distancing ourselves “I would never do that” or punishing ourselves for thinking it. Ever heard of l'appel du vibe – more commonly known as call of the void? Editor’s note: If you experience suicidal thoughts or have lost someone to suicide, the following post could be potentially triggering.You can contact the Crisis Text Line by texting “START” to 741-741. Many sufferers go years without seeking help or opening up to loved ones. Intrusive thoughts are frightening thoughts about what might happen to you or someone you care about, or what you might do to yourself or another person. what if i secretly DO want to hurt someone?" A nightmare I can shut off. Feeling like you are a bad person, or getting stuck in your head trying rationalise if you are bad or not, is something I hear a lot from people who have intrusive thoughts. Even though intrusive thoughts are common and fleeting (Winston and Seif, 2017; and Clark, 2018), they can often provide a moment of weirdness, uncomfortableness, or even make us smile over the absurdity of it (Winston and Seif, 2017). Or pull a lollipop out of a kid's mouth and just chucking it over my shoulder. I definitely have been one to always worry and overthink anything safety/health, so it makes a lot of sense to me that the thoughts would be a defense mechanism. usually i wouldnt just punch people, even if they punch me. Because of the hidden nature of the disorder, Pure OCD is extremely distressing and challenging to treat. ReddIt. Your awareness, feelings and consciousness are at the middle part of that 8, connected to both the lower and higher. There have been studies conducted on the matter and some psychologists believe that it is actually a defense mechanism, essentially your mind warning you of the potential danger and risk associated with something. I have been very fortunate to grow up in a family where this is common, and we all receive treatment via therapy, medication or both. I got this way after having my daughter. I realized I never cared deeply about anything before I had a family. Intrusive thoughts are usually about a taboo topic. It's an explanation of "why" certain thoughts make us squirm, and a few methods I use to calm myself down. That I was a happy and loving person, so why did my thoughts feel so evil? Common topics include blasphemy, sexual themes, violence, racism, and pedophilia. They are totally normal! r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. I am happy for the people that can't relate :) I feel awful for the millions of people who live with this condition and have no idea its (somewhat) treatable. These thoughts may focus on the fear of committing an act a person considers harmful, violent, immoral, sexually inappropriate, or sacrilegious I'm a parent too, and my intrusive thoughts got so much worse after getting married and having a baby. What's the most disturbing "intrusive thought" you've ever had? Say I am driving and I see a pedestrian, sometimes regular humans will think "oh no what if i hit them" and move on. Disturbing intrusive thoughts make up 13% of our daily thought processes. The thought of anything happening to them, including the dog, can be paralyzing. I’ve had OCD since childhood but I wasn’t properly diagnosed until I was in my 30s because mine is primarily obsessional. I am almost 10 weeks postpartum with my second and they pop up occasionally. Watching something brainless on YouTube helps me to feel lighter and happier. Ranging from murdering my family, to self harm, to body dysmorphia, to inappropriate sexual thoughts towards peers and children; my own thoughts were like a nightmare. "Someone would see us." To my vague scientific understanding, this arises in individuals who may be highly compassionate and have an over-active amygdala. I started asking people when they were diagnosed when they say crap like that. This knife would go through her like butter." A subreddit for you to share all those intrusive, recurring thoughts or ideas that race through your head throughout the day. They … I'm sharing this because i want to spread the word and let anyone out there who fears their thoughts to know, you are not alone, you are safe, and by sharing these often shameful thoughts with a healthcare provider or trusted friend, you can receive the treatment you need. Or I'd be chopping up veggies and think, "her meat is so tender. Negative Intrusive Thoughts . Are Intrusive Thoughts Normal? If you are feeling that you are a bad person for having intrusive thoughts, I am going to help clear that up for you.. They can cause distress, since the nature of the thought might be upsetting. reactively. by Fred Penzel, PhD., Yeahhhp. That I hid all scissors in my dorm to protect my roommates. Real talk. Intrusive thoughts can be frightening worries about what might happen to you or someone you care about, or what mistake you might make, or what terrible impulsive act you might possibly commit. A core symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is obsessions, which are unwanted, distressing, and uncontrollable thoughts.The content and themes of these intrusive thoughts vary but are often of a disturbing nature. My mom shared with me that when she was 20 she had a nearly identical experience, even going so far as going to a mental hospital to check herself in, in fear of what she would do to others. The intrusive thoughts are the ones that are disturbing enough, we focus our attention to them. so literally anyone else i would punch if i didnt have time to think about it longer. It wasn’t until it god so bad that ticks started manifesting that I got the right diagnosis. is one of the kinder, gentler thoughts my fucking piece of shit brain has tossed out there. They can also be a symptom of depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Bipolar Disorder, or Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I have more of the "what if [nightmare scenario involving injury or death to child/ren] occurred". and if i have time to think about stuff like life decisions, i can easily come up with dozens of examples and variations and mixes of those and so on and so forth.

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